Monday, April 4, 2011


Konon nk g shopping kt JJ.... skali Iqram mengamuk da....

ibu letak kt walker ni, senyap...
leka btol dia main....

mula nye, berat ht nk beli.. ye la kan.,..
ramai org ckp walker ni kurang elok utk baby...

"....children who used baby walkers tended to crawl and walk a bit slower than children who did not use them.."
Page : Baby Walker Advice
Study lagi....

"Many walkers are designed in such a way that the baby cannot see their legs while walking. They cannot even recognize that they walk with the help of their legs."
page : Pros and Cons of Baby Walkers
ibu decide... beli je lah... hehe
Walker ni bukan mcm walker yg blh gerak2 tu... dia adlh walker yg unik...

SC620 OASIS Activity Center
Net Weight:3.96 (kg)
Suitable from 6 months above to 1 year old (not more than 12kg)
Removable electronic music and light toys
Develops child motor skills
Superior stability
Seat rotates 360 degrees
Cozy and easy to clean seat pad
Activity rocker
Multi-height adjustment

Page : Sweet Cherry

Safety kan??
haa... Iqram pon suka.. sbb dia blh lompat2 smpai penat kt walker dia...
slamat peha ibu dr jd mangsa kaki Iqram...


  1. cmbest.. iqam, t bg uncle pnjm leh?

  2. haipp.. x tgk ke utk not more than 12kg??